About the South East

The South-East Region (coded IE024) is one of 8 NUTS3 regions of Ireland, consisting of the territory of the city of Waterford and of the counties of Carlow, Kilkenny, Wexford, and Waterford. South Tipperary was included in the previous classification of IE024 but was moved to the Mid-West Region IE023 in 2018 Q1 (under Regulation (EC) No. 2066/2016).

The region accounts for 10.2% of the total territory of the Republic of Ireland (7,148 km2), and 8.89% (Census 2016: 8.83% CSO Estimate 2021) of the population with 422,062 residents. The economy of the South East is worth approximately €23.3 Billion (Est. 2019).


According to the 2016 census, the region had a population of 422,062, which constitutes 8.89% of the national population. Its population density was 49 persons per km2. The population of the regional capital, Waterford, was 53,504. The main urban centres within the region each exceed 17,000 in terms of population with an evenly distributed network of second and third-tier towns.[1] This is also supplemented by a strong rural settlement initiative.

A list of the ten largest settlements in the South-East region.

Urban Centres

Rank          Urban Centres           County                  Population (2016 census)

1                  Waterford City          Waterford              53,504

2                 Kilkenny                     Kilkenny                   26,512

3                 Carlow                        Carlow                      24,272

4                 Wexford                    Wexford                    20,188

(Source: www.cso.ie)


Some previous initiatives to understand the South East Economy

Joint Oireachtas Committee on Business, Enterprise and Innovation South East Action Plan for Jobs: Waterford Engagement May 2018         https://data.oireachtas.ie/ie/oireachtas/committee/dail/32/joint_committee_on_business_enterprise_and_innovation/reports/2018/2018-05-17_south-east-action-plan-for-jobs-waterford-engagement_en.pdf

South East Action Plan for Jobs (SEAPJ) 2015-17   http://www.regionalapj.ie/en/SOUTH-EAST1.pdf

South East Economic Development Strategy (SEEDS) 2013-2023


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