Selection of news, media and briefing about the SE Economic Monitor and the work of SENSOR


16/11/2020 Irish Examiner: Budget and capital spending

11/9/2020 WLRfm: WIT@50

10/8/2020 WLRfm: Covid Impacts

30/6/2020 Irish Examiner: Programme for Government

9/5/2020 Wexford People: Covid impacts

27/4/2020 South East Radio: Covic impacts


31/7/2019 Irish Times: Higher Education

11/6/2019 Irish Examiner: Waterford Airport

22/4/2019 Irish Times: Higher Education

13/4/2019 Dungarvan Observer: Waterford Airport

19/1/2019 Irish Times: Healthcare


9/8/2018 Irish Examiner: Waterford Airport

1/05/2018 KCLR: SE University Issue

2/05/2018 South East Radio: university issue

2/3/2018 Munster Express: WIT is Operating at University Level

31/1/2018 Seanad Éireann debate on Technological University Bill

11/01/2018 Munster Express: South East’s 9.2 per cent IDA jobs boost is “stunning”


23/11/2017 Dáil Éireann Question on SE Job Quality

15/11/2017 WLRfm News: South East facing a stampede of youth out of the region

14/11/2017 Oireachtas Committee on Business, Enterprise and Innovation: Opening statement by SENSOR

26/9/2017 WLRfm News: Benefits of TU are unclear

22/07/2017 Irish Times:  Waterford stays optimistic after years of neglect

13/07/2017 Munster Express: There’s no policy appetite to address regional weaknesses

6/7/2017 Carlow Nationalist: Carlow let down by IDA

05/07/2017 Seanad Éireann debate Unemployment Data

03/07/2017 RTE Radio 1 Drivetime: South East Monitor 2017

03/07/2017 SE Radio News: SE in economic decline

16/03/2017 Kilkenny County Council Presentation to SPC


08/12/2016 Dáil Éireann Question on SE Economic Monitor   

17/08/2016 South East Radio: Interview with Karl Fitzpatrick

30/06/2016 Seanad Éireann debate on sustainable employment

22/06/2016 Dáil Debate Motion on SE unemployment

18/6/2016 Wexford People: Damning report on region's economy

10/06/2016 Irish Examiner: Unemployment at ‘crisis’ point across South-East

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