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Our mission is to carry out research into the economic and social forces that affect people’s lives in the South East of Ireland and to improve the understanding of those forces and the ways in which policy and enterprise can bring about change.

The South East Network for Economic and Social Research (SENSER) is an independent research initiative of two research centres in Waterford Institute of Technology- the AIB Centre for Finance and Business Research (AIB-CFBR) and Centre for Enterprise Development and Regional Economy (CEDRE). The workshop has brought applied economics, finance, sociology and business researchers together since 2014, to improve the understanding of the South East of Ireland’s regional economy and society.

We focus on exploiting nationally collected data sets to better understand the regional economy. By focusing on engagement and communication SENSER aspires to improve evidence-based decision making in Government policy at all levels, in enterprise and society in general.

We publish the South East Economic Monitor on an annual basis as well as using our expertise to express opinions in the media, present to Dáil Éireann committees and contribute to policy on the regional economy of the South East of Ireland.  


Quality and independence

Our independence and objectivity is based on the quality of our research and the requirement for our reports to meet high academic standards through peer review. We are fully independent of all party political interests and our work is free of any expressed ideology or political position. All opinions expressed in SENSER reports are those of the author(s) and do not represent those of WIT, WIT School of Business, AIB-CRBR, CEDRE or SENSER. SENSER does not accept consulting work, payment or assignments. SENSER is committed to publish all research that reaches the appropriate academic standard, irrespective of its findings, and all our work is fully open to public scrutiny.


The central concern is the health of the economy and society of the South East of Ireland, IE024 NUTS3 region. Our work tends to exploit EU and national datasets to provide a regional perspective on economic well-being, the labour market, enterprise policy, poverty and social progress, education, healthcare, capital formation, taxation and consumption. By bringing data and evidence into the public domain, we aspire to improve the quality of decision making in and about the region.

Errors and Omissions

Any errors and omissions are the sole responsibility of the authors, please bring them to the attention of the authors by email or through the form below.

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